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Granite Countertops Fort Myers Beach

Granite countertops are very popular for homes. People love granite for its beautiful, natural look and amazing strength. Granite is a type of rock that formed from cooled liquid rock deep inside the Earth. Each granite slab has its own special colors and patterns. This means your granite countertops will look completely different from anyone else's. Homeowners in Fort Myers Beach especially like granite countertops. Granite gives homes a fancy, luxurious look but it is also a very practical surface to use. Granite countertops make a home look high-end while still being easy to use every day.

Why Choose Granite for Your Fort Myers Beach Home?
Living near the beaches and coast in Southwest Florida, you need surfaces that can handle heat, humidity, and damage from salty air. Granite is a good choice because it is very hard and solid. This means granite strongly resists stains, scratches, and damage from outdoor conditions. Granite also resists heat very well, which makes it great for kitchens. If you seal granite properly, it pushes away moisture and is very low maintenance. Granite comes in many different colors and designs. This allows you to make your home look stylish and beachy using granite. The different granite options allow you to achieve that chic, relaxed beach vibe.

Granite Countertops in Outdoor Spaces

One of the best things about granite is that you can use it both indoors and outdoors. This is perfect for the Florida lifestyle of enjoying the outdoors. Use beautiful granite countertops and bar tops to turn your outdoor kitchen into a great space for entertaining. Granite is extremely resistant to UV rays from the sun, so it keeps its vibrant colors even with constant sun exposure. Unlike other countertop materials, granite will not fade, warp or get damaged from rain or humidity when it is properly sealed. If you take care of outdoor granite counters properly, they will look new for many years. Sealed granite can withstand the Florida outdoor conditions very well over time.

Enhancing Property Value with Granite Countertops

Installing high-quality granite countertops Fort Myers Beach is one of the best ways to increase the value of your home a lot when you sell it. When granite counters are installed by professionals, it shows buyers that your home has been updated and well taken care of. Buyers really want granite countertops. Granite is one of the top countertop materials that buyers look for. According to real estate experts, granite countertops can make your home's value go up by 25%. There are hundreds of different granite colors and styles to choose from. This makes it easy to pick granite options that many people like and that look good for a long time.

Locations We Serve

At Net Granite, we possess considerable expertise in remodeling kitchens and bathrooms within the Lee County cities listed below.

Cape Coral , Fort Myers Beach, Sanibel , Bokeelia, Fort Myers Shores, Sanibel Island, Saint James City, Pine Island, Boca Grande, San Carlos, Estero , Bonita Springs , Lehigh Acres , Alva, North Fort Myers, Villas, San Carlos Park

Need Countertop Transformation? Call Net Granite

Is your kitchen stuck in the past? Net Granite specializes in countertop installations that make outdated cooking spaces shine. Our experts fabricate and install gorgeous new countertops in granite, marble, quartz and quartzite that will completely transform the look and function of your kitchen.

Incorporating Granite into Bathroom Design

Granite resists water which makes it a great choice for bathrooms too. Use granite for bathroom vanities, tubs, and shower areas to make your bathroom feel like a relaxing spa. You can even use granite for the floor tiles and wall accents to create a smooth, pulled-together look throughout the space. Granite comes in many colors from very light to very dark. With so many granite color options, you can create the perfect calm, soothing atmosphere for your bathroom. The different granite colors allow you to set the ideal ambiance and mood you want.

Customization Options for Granite Countertops Fort Myers Beach
Granite countertops are unique and special. No two granite counters look exactly the same because of their natural patterns. You can change how your granite counters look in different ways. Different edge styles like beveled, bullnose, or chiseled edges create distinct looks. Granite can be made into unique waterfall countertops or integrated sinks. Adding contrasting granite accents like a different color island or backsplash makes a bold design statement. Specialized finishes like brushed, leathered or polished granite allow you to achieve your desired style.

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Granite Countertops Maintenance Checklist

Maintaining granite countertops Fort Myers Beach is easy if you follow some basic guidelines:

  • Reseal granite annually to protect from moisture and stains

  • Use cleaners that are safe for granite and pH neutral

  • Avoid harsh scrubbing, acidic cleaners like vinegar, and abrasives

  • Blot up spills quickly before they absorb into the granite

  • Use pads and boards to stop scratches and chips on the granite.

The Role of Granite Countertops in Kitchen Remodeling

For a complete kitchen makeover, new granite countertops Fort Myers Beach elevate your remodel and become the center-piece of your design. Current kitchen design trends like open layouts and islands provide many areas to showcase granite's natural beauty. Installing granite requires expertise in precise measurements, safe removal of old counters, and proper support, especially for large islands and overhangs. This makes granite countertop installation an important part of any kitchen remodel project.

Why Choose Net Granite?  

Net Granite is a leading supplier of premium granite, quartz, quartzite and marble slabs for countertops. We take pride in helping homeowners find the world's most beautiful and desirable granites. Our experts guide you through selecting granite at our indoor slab galleries to find the perfect match for your design vision, lifestyle needs, and budget. 

The Net Granite Advantage: Quality Assurance

Net Granite doesn't just sell granite - we ensure quality through every step of the process from selecting your slabs to fabrication and flawless installation. Our craftsmen are true artisans, treating each granite countertop as a work of art through expert cutting, edging, polishing and fitting.

We guarantee the quality of our work on all materials and labor. You can be completely confident that your granite countertops will be installed following our highest standards for quality and durability. Our installers are very careful to protect your home during the installation. They will make sure not to damage anything while putting in your new granite countertops.

FAQs about Granite Countertop Installation Fort Myers Beach

How long does granite installation take?

Most granite counter installations can be completed in 7-15 days once your templating is done and slabs are fabricated. How long the project takes depends on how big and complex it is.

Do I need to be home during the installation?

No, You don't need to be home. Many customers who lives out of state and own a vacation home here in Florida , they provide us a key, a lock box code or something they open the door using smart door lock. We do the job and then we make a very detailed video and send to them.

How do I prepare for granite installation?

Clear all items from existing countertops and create easy access paths for installers to move in and out safely. Cover any floors leading to the work area.

What's the best way to maintain granite counters?

Wipe up spills quickly, use cutting boards, re-seal annually and clean with pH neutral granite cleaner or just soap and water.

By following expert tips and entrusting your granite counter needs to Net Granite, you'll enjoy these luxurious surfaces for a lifetime of beauty and durability in your Fort Myers Beach home. Contact us today to get started!!!

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