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Granite Countertops Fort Myers 

If you're looking for attractive durable countertops, you can't surpass granite countertops Fort Myers, literally.

Granite is a “rock” star when it comes to kitchen countertops! It’s a natural stone admired for its durability and design. Granite is one of the hardest substances on earth, which makes it ideal for busy kitchens that get a lot of use. Granite is naturally heat and scratch resistant. Regular sealing can keep your granite countertops looking timeless for years to come. 

As a natural material, it comes in a wide variety of designs, starting with the most economical stone at level 1 and moving up in price through level 2, 3, 4, 5 and then to the exotic stones. This translates to endless design options from ultra sophisticated to simple and modest! 

Granite Countertops Fort Myers | Net Granite

At Net Granite, We have all colors of granite stone that are available in the market. Just call us and set an appointment to get your desired Granite Countertops Fort Myers.

Fantacy Brown Granite Countertop | Net Granite

Granite is a stunning sturdy, long-lasting and versatile stone. It can be used in a variety of different ways and it is an ideal material for kitchens and bathrooms. Granite countertops Fort Myers can be an excellent option to improve your home's appearance. They're long-lasting easy to clean, and provide many benefits which make them well worth the cost..

Granite is durable

Granite is a form of igneous rock that could be found at the surface of Earth. Granite is a durable stone that will likely last for the lifetime when properly maintained. Granite is very resistant to stains, chipping, and soiling. The durability and quality of granite can be enhanced with sealants applied to the surface of the stone. Granite is often referred to as an everlasting stone due to its durability.

Granite stands up to scratches

Granite is a type of rock that is tough to break or scratch. Granite stands up to scratches because of its hard, tough surface and its crystalline structure. It has an average density of 2.65 g/cm³, which is greater than any other common rock.

Granite is a durable surface that won't require to be replaced frequently. That makes granite an ideal choice for countertops , as well as other surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.

It provides an elegant look

Granite provides an elegant look with its unique texture and color patterns. With an eye-catching look and feel, Granite Countertops Fort Myers is the perfect choice for any home. 


Granite comes in various colors

Granite is a naturally occurring igneous rock that is formed when magma cools and hardens. It is available in numerous shades and is available in a broad range of shades . Its vast array of colors adds to its appeal. 

It will provide you with an easy-to-clean surface

Cleanliness is another point of choosing granite countertops. Granite is naturally invulnerable to dirt and bacteria. Sealing granite gives you extra protection, ensuring it's nonporous quality, nothing will be able to soak into it and leave a stain. Because of the smooth surface of sealed Granite, it is super easy to wipe clean.

Granite is resistant to heat

Granite countertops are far superior to other materials due to their superior heat resistance. It is formed naturally through heat and pressure which makes granite countertops able to withstand heat effectively. It is possible to place a hot pan over the granite countertops and not burn the surface, although we recommend making use of potholders. The countertops are strong and durable, as well as attractive.


Granite countertops are a unique option for kitchen and bathroom remodeling because of the variety of color, patterns and textures that can be installed. It is one kind of stone which comes in various distinctive forms due to the way in which it is cut. If you're looking for unique countertops for your kitchen, granite can be the ideal material. No two slabs of granite are exactly same. So you will receive completely unique granite countertops   that are unlike to anyone else's.

Each slab of granite has its own patterns that will add a finish to your kitchen that can't be replicated elsewhere.

Why You Should Choose Granite Countertops Fort Myers

Granite Countertops Fort Myers Offers a High Return on Investment

Granite countertops are a great option to add beauty, elegance, and functionality to any kitchen remodel. Granite is a popular countertop material among home buyers because it boosts the value of your home and saves you from the cost of installation. This material is also durable and has a variety of colors and textures which makes it a smart choice for homeowners.

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