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Granite Countertop Removal

Are You Ready for Granite Countertop Removal?

Granite countertop removal can be an extremely time-consuming process that is associated with a variety of problems. In this regard, it's best to work with an experienced contractor who can complete the task in a safe manner and within the timeframe you require.

Netgranite LLC has earned an excellent reputation. We are the most reliable Quartz, Granite, Quartzite and Marble countertops fabricator, installer and remover  within Fort Myers, Florida. We're available when homeowners require granite countertop removal, build and put in. Our skilled and professionals will provide perfect Natural stone countertops that last for a lifetime. Contact us today to begin your next granite countertop project.

Pretask for Granite Countertop Removal

  • It is important to take away any appliances and countertop accessories from the area of operation prior to you start.

  • The drawers and products should be cleaned and stored inside the lower rack to avoid dust contamination and to allow for easy access to the counter.

  • For security to protect yourself, cookware and the utensils are also to be cleared.

Our Method of Removing

Once Net Granite arrives to remove your countertops, we'll take the following steps:

  • You have to book our appointment.

  • We will be at the site at the time of an appointment, to advise you about the granite countertop removal procedure.

  • We will take down your countertops with secure methods and equipment.

granite countertop removal

Advantages of Getting a Countertop Removal Service From Netgranite

One of the major benefits of using our professional granite countertop removal service is knowing that the task is done properly. When you work with experts such as Net Granite, you are paying for work that is completed quickly, efficiently, effectively, and safely.


There are many instances where homeowners think that they can complete their granite countertop removal job by themselves and then, afterward, be hurt and realize that it's much more difficult than they had anticipated or perform the task incorrectly.

At Net Granite, we make sure that everything is done to the satisfaction of our customers. We know how important a granite countertop removal job for a homeowner.

We can help you for your granite countertop removal job regardless of the reason behind the removal! We understand that you may require granite countertop removal to make sure the cabinets are solid and level and that's why we can be of assistance. Before you begin tracing the contours of walls, we can help you take the countertops off or prior to templating could begin, we can help you to do this. Quartz, Granite, Quartzite, Marble whatever the countertop material of yours, we can do the countertop removal job efficiently. 

granite countertop removal
remove granite countertop
For Granite Countertop Removal, Contact Net Granite!!!

If you're considering renovating your kitchen, do not ignore this one of your most crucial phases. When you get your granite countertop removal assistance from our professionals with the right skills, you could give your home the new appearance you've always wanted. Work with the experts from Net Granite and get everything completed correctly!

- At Net Granite


We have removed many kitchen countertops, included Granite countertops, Quartz countertops, Marble countertops and Quartzite countertops. When insurance companies request a countertop to be removed they want to have it documented. The propose is to remove in a professional way preserving the material to be installed back in place. Every kitchen countertops are unique and has many different changes to be analyzed by a professional to see the possibilities. 


At Net Granite we analyze and give you all the options in writing. Most of the times we charge a small amount for granite countertop removal job and try to remove it without breaking it. If it breaks we offer the option to put it back together with epoxy glue with the best of our ability.

We provide you also the price to re-install it back in place and we provide you with a price to do it with a brand new material. Our first option is a small price for trying to save it.

An unintentional job that is not done with right procedures could lead to damaged plumbing or damaged cabinets. If you choose to use the services offered by NETGRANITE and you can be sure that the work is completed by professionals who can do an excellent job.

Disclaimer:  Netgranite do not give you a warranty that it will not break, because natural stones or manufacture Quartz behave in a unpredictable way and for us to give you a warranty, we would have to charge almost the full price of the total job cost.

Please contact us today to set an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Granite countertops be removed without harming cabinets?

Damage to cabinets is a huge issue for homeowners. Although cutting down countertops may leave some debris particularly when you use an electric cutting tool that can remove the frame of the cabinet and the tops of cabinets too but there will be no harm caused to your kitchen cabinets cutting them provided you follow the correct steps.

If you are looking for granite countertop removal due to it is damaged, stained, or looks worn and outdated, then getting rid of your old countertop without harming cabinets is feasible.

You will require many materials and tools to complete the task. This is why you need to think about how you would like the room to appear once after the granite countertop removal job. This ensures that all the debris needs a place to go, instead of being tossed around when all is over.

How is the glued  granite countertop removal job done?

If the granite countertop is stuck to the cabinet front, then you have to follow some method to complete the removal job. The first thing you'll require is an array of more robust tools to take off the countertop made of granite prior to removing the front of the cabinet.

Whatever method you decide to use to take away your granite countertop, ensure that you use protective clothing and equipment such as goggles , or a respirator to ensure that you do not get a whiff dust or debris that remains after everything is removed.

Are granite countertops able to be taken off and used again?

When the granite countertop is taken away, it can be reused in many different ways. The most commonly used method of recycle is to sell the countertops as scrap. There are many places that will purchase granite countertops in exchange for scrap, especially if they have large pieces you can reduce into smaller pieces and then sell. A lot of stone yards also purchase granite countertops in order to sell the countertops to those who require the same thing for their offices or homes, too.


Another option of granite countertop removal is to give it away if there is a charity near you who would appreciate the object.

If you are planning to put granite in a different area of your house, make sure that the countertops that you've been removing from the kitchen have been ground down and thoroughly cleaned so that you don't transmit any germs that might be in the contact of your fingers or any other object you come into contact with in the future.


Always ensure that the area is cleaned whenever possible, to ensure that the debris doesn't get all over your home, even bathrooms, for instance. bacteria can quickly spread because people touch things and not washing their hands.

Many would like to have their granite countertops put into the kitchen they are planning to install or in their patio at the back to take pleasure in it for years to come and not have to think about the source of it initially. This is definitely an alternative.

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