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Marble Counter Installation

Marble Counter Installation for kitchen or bathroom can transform the look of your home. When considering your kitchen remodeling with a marble countertop, trust NET GRANITE to help you from stone selection to fabrication and installation.

Marble is an well-loved choice as a countertop in Fort Myers due to its stylish design. Marble is a natural stone that has traditional beauty and timeless appeal. Its stunning veining and stunning whites are unmatched. Each stone can be described as an original work made of art work. Marble has been used in kitchen countertops for centuries! It is available in a range of veining and colors that range from the affordable Carrera to the lavish Calacatta. Marble is regarded as to be a more porous and soft stone, which implies with high maintenance.

To upgrade your kitchen, marble counter installation can be a wonderful way. We install lots of marble countertop throughout the Lee County and Collier County with professional and high quality service. 

Why Choose Marble

Marble is a natural stone that has traditional elegance and timeless appeal. Its stunning veining and bright whites are unmatched. Each stone can be described as an original work that is a work of. Marble has been used for kitchen countertops for long periods of time!

Marble is a metamorphic stone most famously found in Italy. Marble forms over millions of years under lots of heat and pressure, and is found in the oldest layers of earths crust. No two slabs are exactly alike. Marble is considered a porous stone, and softer than the other natural stones. These characteristics leave marble more susceptible to etching and staining. This is why marble is considered a high maintenance stone. Maintaining marble countertops requires regular care and sealing. If you make the right choice, are aware of what you are getting and how to take care of granite countertops. They are an attractive, practical choice for your bathroom and kitchen style that will last for a lifetime

Types of Marble 

Marble slab | Net Granite

The most well-known options are

  • Carrara, and

  • Calacatta,


Different types of marble services are readily available at Netgranite.  

Carrara Marble

Carrara is the most sought-after of all. It's available in a variety of colors and textures. Most often, you can utilize it for countertops or flooring and backsplash as well as some other purpose depending on the design of your interior.

Carrera marble comes from Italy, and is the most popular and budget friendly marble countertop material. Marble can be utilized it for countertops and backsplash and even flooring and sculpture! It’s available at Net Granite and has a timeless look. Carrera marble is a perfect option for your home. It features lines of veining that look elegant and soft. 

Calacatta Marble

Another alternative is Calacatta. However it's costly and is more expensive than normal Carrara marble.

Most often, Calacatta marble is white with the thick veins of gold or gray. This differentiates Calacatta marble from the other types of. Gold veins give an extra rich and impressive effect to any space.

Calacatta marble is the preferred choice of home-owners due to its versatile elegant, and calming appearance. Calacatta marble also comes from Italy. It’s a more expensive, high end material compared to Carrera marble. 

Color Choices for Marble Counter Installation

Choosing the right color for your project is crucial. Marble is available in a range of shades with deep veining. There's brown, beige grey, ivory as well as salmon pink and orange and, most importantly, of course, that traditional white.

Marble is also available in a variety of grain sizes as well as veining patterns.

Black Marble Slab ready to install | Net Granite
Marble bathroom countertop-fort-myers

Are Marble Counter Installation worth it?

Marble countertops are timeless and gorgeous. They offer the brightest whites and distinctive elegant veining to add sophistication and style to your home. Marble is naturally cool, making it the perfect surface for baking and cooking at home. Marble counter installation come in a budget friendly varieties as well as high end material. Marble countertops are resistant to heat.

Natural stones, such as granite, marble, and quartz are the things that many homeowners choose to use for increasing the sale value of their house.

Marble Counter Installation Cost

Carrera marble counter installation offers budget friendly options, Calacatta marble counter installation offers more high-end exclusive designs and styles. One of the great things about marble is the wide variety of choices. When calculating the cost of your marble counter installation, several things need to be considered: The type of material you choose, The shape of your particular kitchen or bathroom countertops, edge design. 

Maintenance and Care of  Marble Counter

The best method to ensure the longevity of your marble counter installation is by sealing them on a regular basis. Sealers can help reduce staining and etching, and help keep your countertops in great condition for a long time.

Avoid abrasive or acidic cleaners such as vinegar and bleach. Warm and gentle soap as well as warm water will remove dirt from your marble countertops..

Marble countertop fort myers.JPG

Marble counter installation have been a popular option for kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities for years. Marble has been used to make literal pieces of art for centuries. Who wouldn’t want art right in their kitchen? Every slab is unique with an endless variety of colors and veining patterns to add style and design to your project. Marble is a porous material, which means high maintenance is required to maintain your countertops. With proper maintenance and care, marble countertops can be a gorgeous, functional choice for your kitchen countertops or your bathroom vanities that last years to come.

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