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Quartzite Countertops Colors

If you're looking for a stunning unique kitchen or bathroom countertop, you should consider Quartzite. There are many different quartzite countertops colors. Although granite countertops are an atypical option, Quartzite represents an exotic and stunning alternative. It is not only unique and this natural stone is also durable and strong. Additionally it comes in many stunning patterns and colors that will captivate you as well as any guests. While marble and granite are stunning, Quartzite has one major benefit that they do not have. The greater quality of the stone allows it to prevent damage and reduce scratching over time. Furthermore, Quartzite is a natural material from the Earth Don't mix it with Quartz that is manufactured materials.

What is Quartzite?

Quartzite is often mistaken for quartz countertops, but they're totally distinct. Quartz countertops are made by man and contain around 90 percent quartz mineral, pigments, resin binders and other substances such as recycled stone and crushed glass.

Quartzite is, however is a totally natural stone that is quarried and carved by hand. Its most notable and remarkable characteristics is its toughness and durability. Quartzite can be twice tough as glass , and more resilient that the cutting edge of knives. This means that it isn't likely to be damaged by scratches, scratches, or any other types of damage. The sealer that covers the surface may show wear, which is why it's essential to use cautiously, even when using durable stone like granite and quartzite.

Quartzite Countertops Colors
Quartzite Countertop | Net Granite

Why It’s Different

Quartzite is very tough - which makes it an excellent working surface, but also more difficult to mine. This is why it's typically quarried more slowly than soft stones like granite and sandstone. However, as technology advances it is now possible to gather this stunning stone with safety and safely and use it in commercial and residential applications.

Quartzite is renowned for its being robust and hard-wearing. In addition, it is in line with the current style of interiors, since it's often found in cream and white tones. It's simple to maintain and, as long as it's sealed following installation, it can be a lasting and visually stunning countertops or island for kitchens.

Quartzite Countertops Colors

Natural stone is a great way to instantly enhance the aesthetics of your space. No matter if striking, spectacular designs or tranquil, soothing shades are your style. You'll be able to find an option in quartzite countertops colors that will delight your eyes.

These are the most sought-after quartzite countertops colors:

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal as quartzite countertops colors are an evergreen bestseller. This stunning natural stone might originate from Brazil however its stunning ivory white hue is an instant reference to the grand monument of love it was named after. With its intricate crystalline design, Taj Mahal quartzite adds the perfect amount of depth that is balanced by an easy, relaxing quartzite countertops colors scheme.

Macaubus Fantasy

Let the sea breeze in your home by introducing the soothing shimmers Macaubas Fantasy quartzite countertops colors. Soft, soothing shades of gray, blue and hints of tan flow effortlessly across a white background and make it easy to pair this stone with the decor. Macaubus Fantasy makes a wonderful design for bathrooms, kitchens or even outdoor areas.

Azurra Bay

As per the title, Azurra Bay quartzite features an ethereal blue background, with white to gray layers that interweave over its entire surface. It's a stunning display that can remind viewers of the overlapping waves of the ocean. Azurra Bay quartzite countertops colors provide an element of depth and intrigue while remaining a mostly neutral color palette that is suitable for different styles of design.


Originating from Brazil, Dakar quartzite countertops colors feature the most striking, unique pattern that instantly brings to mind the force of water. Dark gray veining spreads out and swirls over white and light gray background, creating an impression of motion and energy. This striking pattern creates Dakar quartzite a great choice to create an attractive accent wall, or a primary fixture for your home. The neutral shades of the stone will easily complement furnishings and decor, and the attractive characteristics of quartzite countertops colors will make it simple to maintain over time.

Calacatta Lux

Quartzite countertops colors as light gray veins running over a soft White background, Calacatta Lux offers an excellent choice for those who want to create a relaxing space inside their home. The bright and light colors of this stone will make your home appear more spacious and make it appear bigger and reflect light, enhancing the impression of a light and fresh ambience. The patterns of veining in Calacatta Lux are multi-directional that helps to create a relaxing feeling of movement and rhythm.

Quartzite Has the Durability of Granite

Granite and Quartzite are most alike. Both are natural stones that are extremely durable and stunning in their own unique ways. The differences between them are what makes quartzite stand apart. It is more dense and durable than granite, so quartzite countertops are less susceptible to chips, scratches or staining. Quartzite countertops colors make your home appearance quite different. It is an igneous stone and it is often spotted with larger and darker (often black) streaks of flecks formed by the molten lava. The patterns of granite are usually more complex and less straight than quartz.

Quartzite Has the Beauty of Marble

It is said that Italian White Marbles have a timeless appeal, opulent and timeless It's a fact. Marble countertops have become very popular since stone found its way into kitchens many centuries long ago. If you own quartzite, you have the option of owning the natural stone that looks like marble however, you'll get the advantages of quartzite. Quartzite is a lot harder as marble (marble is an 3.5 in the Mohs hardness scale) which means it won't scratch or chip as easily. Marble also is susceptible to scratching. Etching occurs when acid (think the juice of a lemon) reacts with the calcite found in marble and forms a stain. Since quartzite does not contain Calcite, there's no possibility that it would scratch when exposed to foods that are acidic.

It's difficult to beat the satisfaction of knowing that you own a genuine natural masterpiece. However, many don't want to take on the risk and requirements for maintenance of marble. Quartzite countertops colors give you the uniqueness of natural stone, and you can rest assured that it will maintain its beauty as time passes.

Quartzite Can Outperform Manmade Quartz

Because the names are alike, confusion is common when people think of quartz and quartzite. Quartz is manufactured in a manufacturing facility and is composed of 93 percent crushed quartz. It's then mixed with polymers and resin to make a countertop that is gorgeous, hard, and resistant to chipping. Since it's made by humans that is produced in mass quantities, they can create identical slabs and control the color and motion. This creates an even appearance. Quartzite is, on the contrary side, is more unique since mother nature doesn't make the identical thing repeatedly. Quartzite countertops colors are also different from quartz with regards to performance. It's harder than quartz, which makes it less scratch-resistant and it can also handle the heat better. The resins that hold man-made quartz together can react to extreme temperatures, causing the quartz permanent staining.

Where to Find Quartzite Countertops

If you have any questions regarding quartzite or you're looking for an experienced quartzite countertops fabricator and installer, We'd love to hear from you!

NET GRANITE is committed to sourcing top-quality surfaces for both commercial and residential homes. Contact us to get your desired countertops. We have more than 100’s of quartzite countertops colors available in our own showroom. You will also find the best quality quartz , granite and marble countertops as well as backsplashes for your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Quartzite Worth It?

Quartzite is typically priced higher than lower-cost quartz and engineered shades. But for those hoping to invest in the long run in their bathroom or kitchen quartzite is among the most desirable options available. It's undeniably one of the most visually stunning stones, featuring distinct movement and depth which can't be replicated with machinery. And thanks to its toughness it is possible for quartzite's beauty for years to come, with only a little work to your side.

Our opinion? Quartzite is worth every cent. Natural stone will never go out of fashion And a granite countertop or island or vanity can add long-lasting worth to your home.

Is quartzite difficult to maintain?

Although quartzite is an extremely hard stone, it still requires regular maintenance. Natural countertops made of stone should be regularly sealed to avoid staining and etching as a result of their porous nature. Quartzite is recommended to be sealed every year. Use only cleaners designed specifically for countertops made of stone or pH neutral soap. After that, dry it completely. While it's very difficult to scratch quartzite, be sure to avoid using abrasive cleaners to maintain your countertops as new.

Is quartzite more durable than granite?

The granite is an igneous stone. Quartzite is metamorphic meaning that each material has its own distinct features. Granite has been a popular countertop material for years and quartzite is only beginning to gain recognition. Both offer outstanding endurance. While granite is extremely durable, quartzite countertops colors appear as marble and behaves like granite, which means you can get the top of both worlds!

What colors does quartzite come in?

Quartzite slabs are available in a range of colors, such as grey white, beige, blue, yellow, pink and orange. along with brown.


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