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Fantasy Brown Granite

Fantasy Brown granite is a unique stone. This stunning stone is known by many names, such as Canyon Dawn, Brown Fantasy Granite, Fantasy Brown Marble, Fantasy Brown Dolomite, Fantasy Brown Quartzite. This beautiful igneous stone is full of history and prestige. The attractive shade in Fantasy Brown Granite gives it an attractive appeal that is unlike any other stone that is available today. Once polished, the stone acquires an extraordinary shimmer and luster that cannot be duplicated! Natural stone that is stunning comes in striking patterns and features that make many people admiration of the beauty of it.

Fantasy Brown is very well-known due to a range factors. The unique stone comes in a wide range of shades and densities. This is the reason it is classified differently. This stunning stone can be identified in the form of Granite or Marble. Quartzite and Dolomite. It's all about the source the quarry was extracted from and how hard the stone is. The only stone is found in the world with the same unique features, making these natural stone countertops extremely popular for many kitchen remodels and home remodeling projects.

What type of stone is Fantasy Brown?

This is a great question, and the topic of much debate in recent years as the popularity of fantasy brown has soared worldwide. A quick Google search of Fantasy Brown will give you a wide variety of answers to this question including: Fantasy Brown granite, Fantasy Brown quartzite, Fantasy Brown dolomite. Here at Net Granite, we would like to clear up the confusion and a answer this question. Fantasy Brown is truly in a category all its own. It shares many characteristics of granite, marble, and quartzite, yet can’t truly be classified as any of these.

Quartzite is a sedimentary stone made up of mostly quartz. As it gets compressed deep beneath the surface of the earth, all the quartz particles fuse together to become extremely rugged quartzite. Marble is also sedimentary rock, formed from limestone, which when compressed by heat and pressure becomes calcite. Granite is an igneous stone, formed from molten rock.

Fantasy Brown is quarried in Northern India in the region of Rajasthan. It is technically a sedimentary stone. It is therefore erroneous to call it granite. Technically, it is a combination of marble and quartzite. According to the Natural Stone Institute, Fantasy Brown is made of layers of marble and quartzite that have been fused together over time. So the real answer, is that fantasy brown is a mixed stone, a combination stone.

Like other natural stone slabs, Fantasy brown comes in a variety of patterns, styles, colors including: browns, grays, creams, and whites. Typically, fantasy brown is considered a level 2-3 material. The level of the stone is determined by the rarity of the material, the color combinations and the quality of the stone itself. Fantasy brown comes in three finishes, polished is the most popular, leather is also a common choice, and honed is the most rare choice.

Fantasy Brown is quickly becoming a popular choice for kitchens throughout the United States and worldwide due to its durability, neutral colors, and contemporary style. With proper care and regular sealing, this natural stone will look beautiful for years to come.

Fantasy brown is a natural stone, with naturally occurring fissures. For some people, the fissures give Fantasy Brown its charm and unique look. During the selection process, it’s very important that customers look closely at all the details of the stone. Fissures are common, and the face of the stone can’t be changed during the fabrication process. The face of the stone is a finished product, if it’s polished the final product will be shiny, if it’s leather finish the final product will be a matte finish without shine. If you see cracks or fissures in your slab that you don’t like, or want to avoid in your project, talk to the fabricator. Often, it’s possible to avoid these parts of the stone.

Fantasy Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop
Fantasy Brown Granite Kitchen Countertop

Selecting a Fantasy Brown Granite Slab

In case you're messy cook , and need a countertop that will appear clean, a slab that has a large marble content might not be a suitable option for you. However If you're not averse to having a countertop that has a granite and you're looking for many options for your slab.

In that light an area with a lot of marble might not be the best kitchen counter for families with busy schedules or a couple who don't mind the granite.

It's always recommended to go to the stone yard to select your personal slab. This lets you pick the one that interests you visually. Furthermore, you are able to check the stone's scratching and scratching .

Creative Design using Fantasy Brown Granite

Fantasy Brown Granite is a ideal choice for kitchens as well as bathrooms, as well as for either a new construction or remodel. It brings a sense of class to your home, as there is nothing that can compare to the natural beauty of stone.

Do not forget that you can have different styles based on the type of surface. The three most sought-after techniques for the surface that are available for. Fantasy Brown Granite are polished, the leathered and honed. A polished finish can make it appear more like granite or marble, while a honed surface creates a luxurious matte appearance. The leathered Fantasy Brown granite is a great choice due to its ability to cover any staining or etching and also fingerprints.

Kitchens that feature Fantasy Brown Granite Countertops

Fantasy Brown granite kitchen countertops are truly a show-stopper. The swirls and waves of muted shades are stunning. This would look great on an island in the kitchen.

Fantasy Brown granite countertops are the perfect neutral color to make your kitchen's color palette around. There are plenty of choices to choose the general look. Select colors that are similar to the colors of the stone, or select colors that complement each other, such as greens or blues.

Due to its many shades, Fantasy Brown granite can used with various colors of cabinets. The combination of Fantasy Brown granite with white cabinets is a classic style. While the ever-popular white Shaker cabinets are a popular option, gray or some even blue kitchen cabinetry could be an excellent alternative.

Backsplash Ideas for Fantasy Brown Granite Countertops

The perfect mix with Fantasy Brown granite countertops with a tile backsplash isn't that difficult. Pick a straightforward subway tile that allows the countertop to be the center of attention. Beware of patterns that are busy such as mosaics, patterns or contrast grout as they distract attention from the focal point.

The great aspect of subway tile is the fact that they come with many choices in terms of dimensions as well as color, material texture, and even finish. There are many options when it comes to how you lay the tiles - chevron or stacking, running bond and so on. Therefore, even though "subway tile" may sound boring, it is actually a many alternatives to make it more interesting.

Caring For Fantasy Brown Granite

Because of its marble-like qualities, Fantasy Brown Granite does require extra attention. It is able to stain and etch which is why you should seal the surfaces at least once a year. Make sure to clean up spills and splatters immediately. Utilize cutting boards or trivets for protection of the surface. Also, dragging large objects across the surface could cause scratches, so try not to do this.

What cabinetry and backsplashes work perfectly to Fantasy Brown Granite?

The color is a mix that include brown, tan white, and gray as well as Apricot tones, Fantasy Brown granite is a great choice for a basic earthy backsplash. Whatever design style of kitchen you're most comfortable with. Fantasy Brown Granite will be a perfect fit for the design that you have. Fantasy Brown creates a kitchen look natural and stylish when coupled with a simple backsplash. When it comes to cabinetry apart from white cabinets, the cream colors and off whites work perfectly in Brown Fantasy.

Fantasy Brown countertops can pair with the brick background or subway tile extremely well and it is possible to pull all of it together with white kitchen cabinets. Other options that can add the appearance of class when combined with Fantasy brown countertops are hand-painted custom backsplash mosaics or backsplash tiles.

Fantasy Brown Granite backsplash and cabinetry designs

Fantasy Brown with white cabinets and glass subway tile

A stunning and spacious contemporary farmhouse kitchen with Glass subway tiles backsplash and white-glazed countertops.

Fantasy Brown with gray-blue backsplash tiles

The combination of Fantasy Brown with a gray backsplash is an excellent way to enhance the stone. The effect really lets the gray veins shine!

Fantasy Brown paired with white cabinets and white subway tile

The white subway tiles and cabinets provide this room with a vibrant fresh appearance! Integrating Fantasy Brown countertops is the ideal method of bringing all the design elements in the same space while adding a touch of warmth.

Fantasy Brown and white subway tile and brick cabinetry

This kitchen has a feeling of rustic interiors which blend seamlessly with the neutral colors and warm and cozy decor!

Fantasy Brown Kitchen Countertop
Fantasy Brown Kitchen Countertop

Fantasy Brown is a mix of granite, marble, and Dolomite. Fantasy Brown has more dolomite than other stone. Dolomite is a natural sedimentary stone, which is formed by the evaporation of magnesium-rich groundwater. In terms of aesthetics, it shares many features with marble, such as soft, subtle veins and light shades. But, in the majority of cases, dolomite slabs last longer than marble, and, if properly sealed and maintained it will not stain or scratch as quickly like marble counter tops.

It is crucial to know the definition of Fantasy Brown before you put it into your home. Quartzites and granites are two of some of the strongest natural stone and if it is treated as Fantasy Brown, it can be used in your kitchen and its one of the most unique in beauty and you will enjoy it for many years.

Fantasy Brown dolomite could be the ideal choice for you. Polished Fantasy brown doesn’t stain easily and as long as you clean after yourself, you will have an amazing countertop for many decades to come.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the grade of Fantasy Brown Granite?

Fantasy Brown Granite is usually Level 2 or level 3, it depends on the finish and quality of material.

Does Fantasy Brown more expensive than granite?

The answer is dependent on the kind of granite you're comparison-shopping with and what slab yards you will visit and buy this stone. Fantasy Brown countertop countertops can be cheap both in price and quality.

Are Fantasy Brown Granite a good choice for your kitchen?

Fantasy Brown Granite Countertops are a fantastic choice as kitchen counter-tops. They're also a durable stone that's also affordable. It's among the finest soft quartzite stones that you can use on kitchen countertops. They're probably the most durable marble available which makes them extremely popular for those who desire an appearance of marble, but don't want the scratching properties of many white marbles. Fantasy Brown is also a highly neutral countertop that is stunning by pairing it with wooden cabinets or white cabinetry and a wide range of wooden tones that are natural.

Does Fantasy Brown Granite still popular?

Fantasy Brown Granite has been one of the most sought-after natural stone choices at Net Granite showroom, and is an extremely popular selection among the residents of Fort Myers, Florida. It's among the most requested alternatives for kitchen remodeling.

It's rare for a stone that has the longevity of popularity for selection over the years however, Fantasy Brown does. Numerous kitchen designers utilize Fantasy Brown as an option for customers to choose in the design of their kitchen.

Is Fantasy brown granite a great option for your kitchen?

It's the blend of strength and beauty that creates Fantasy Brown a solid choice for countertops in kitchens. The neutral look it adds into your home is a solid option that can endure for a long time. It is a great match for various styles that range from farmhouse-style kitchens to cottage-style to modern and much more.

Final Thought

Fantasy Brown Granite is a well-known choice for bathrooms and kitchens. Its stunning veining and the color palette of cream gray, light browns and grey can be used to complement a selection of design styles. If it's properly taken care of It will look stunning for many years.

When you go to select the material, you need to look very close on all the details of the Fantasy Brown Granite. Fissure is very common on Fantasy Brown. Understanding that the fabricator will not change any characteristics on the face of the stone. When it’s polished, it will shine and if it’s leather finished, it will look dull. If you see cracks or fissure, talk to the fabricator.

Do you want to knowing the more details on Fantasy Brown Granite? Contact us at Net GRANITE or come in our showroom right now!!! Our team of experts would be happy to answer all of your concerns! Our Countertop Costs Free Calculator will assist you in narrowing your options. After you've decided on the best countertop material, the process of buying new countertops is fairly simple.


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